New admissions

We are determined to offer all our patients the best possible care, timely appointments and the possibility to contact us with acute problems. We also make every effort to fulfill our public care mandate and take in all recently relocated and newly born patients who do not yet have a pediatrician in the region. We ask for your understanding that we therefore can no longer accept transfer patients and patients from other parts of Berlin or Brandenburg. If you have just moved here or are expecting a child, you are welcome to write to us with a request for admission using our contact form.

Together against infections

We are trying very hard to avoid contacts between sick and healthy children in our practice. For this reason, we strictly divide our opening hours into regular appointments for children without contagious diseases and acute appointments. You can find the hours below. Please do not come to the practice unannounced, but always register in advance: acute appointments, check-up examinations and vaccinations can be booked directly via Doctolib. For other requests, please send us a message through our contact form – we will get back to you quickly. Thank you very much for your help!

Vacation schedule

Our practice will be closed during the following dates:

10.08.-31.08.2024 (Substitutes: Dr. Weser / partly Dr. Kaiser)
04.10.2024 (Substitute: Dr. Kaiser)
21.10.-01.11.2024 (Substitutes: Dr. Kaiser / partly Dr. Weser)
27.12.2024 (Substitute: Dr. Kaiser)

Our office hours

Please always make an appointment beforehand – even for acute problems:

either through Doctolib
or through our contact form
or by phone: 030-4014939.

8 – 11 am regular appt.
11 – 12 am acute appt.
2 – 3 pm
acute appt.
3 – 5 pm regular appt.
8 – 11 am regular appt.
11 – 12 am acute appt.
2 – 3 pm acute appt.
3 – 5 pm regular appt.
10 – 12 am acute appt.
2 – 3 pm acute appt.
3 – 6 pm regular appt.
closed / special appt.
8 – 12 am regular appt.
12 – 2 pm acute appt.
To schedule an appointment, please use Doctolib, our contact form
or give us a call at +49 30-4014939

Meet our team

We are happy to introduce our friendly staff:

Dr. med. Alexander Rosen,
Dr. med. Sneha Gollapalli
Emilia Böhmann, Jasmin Ott
Jessica Melzer, Sabine Berndt
and Sarah Heuel

Find out more about Dr. Rosen

Our practice

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Our services

Prevention is always the best medicine.

In Germany, there is a set of so-called ‚U-Examinations‘ – preventive medical check-ups that accompany your child’s development. While the so-called U1 examination is performed directly after birth and the U2 also usually takes place while still in the clinic, all subsequent U-examinations are best carried out at your local pediatrician’s office: from the U3 at the age of 1 month to the J2 at 16-17 years.

This way, the relevant health issues for each particular age bracket are checked, developmental delays or health problems are detected early and necessary treatments are not delayed. I look forward to accompanying your child’s development.

List of examinations:

U1 – straight after birth
U2 – 3rd-10th day
U3 – 1 month (4th-5th week)
U4 – 3 months (3rd-4th month)
U5 – 6 months (6th-7th month)
U6 – 1 year (10th-12th month)
U7 – 2 years (21st-24th month)
U7a – 3 years (34th-36th month)
U8 – 4 years (46th-48th month)
U9 – 5 years (60th-64th month)
U10 – 7 -8 years
U11 – 9-10 years
J1 – 13 years (12-14 years)
J2 – 16-17 years

As a pediatrician, your child’s health is my top priority. No medical measure has saved more lives and prevented more suffering than the introduction of vaccinations against dangerous diseases such as smallpox, tuberculosis, tetanus, polio, pneumococcus or Haemophilus influenza type B.

Today, many serious diseases are practically no longer seen because they have been eradicated with the help of vaccinations: the dangerous inflammation of the larynx (epiglottitis), severe meningitis caused by pneumococcus, polio or tetanus.

I wrote my doctoral thesis on the comparison of vaccination strategies and have studied the arguments for and against vaccinations for many years. Therefore, I am very happy to answer any questions you may have on the subject of vaccinations.

From lacerations to febrile infections, from dislocated elbows to rashes – our practice is always the first place to go for acute health problems. Should an admission to a hospital be necessary, we are well connected in the region, can provide you with specific advice and ensure that your child is helped quickly and professionally.

If you are ever unsure whether you should go to our practice or directly to the clinic, please feel free to call us. Outside opening hours, please call the KV service number 116 117, which can give you competent advice.

For more than 20 years, I have been using ultrasound as a diagnostic tool to quickly arrive at the right diagnosis. I have been teaching ultrasound courses for doctors and am always making sure to stay on top of new developments.

The ultrasound examination complements the history and physical examination – without any pain or the need for radiation-based methods. Whether it’s the abdomen, the infant’s skull, a joint or an unclear tumor on the skin, ultrasound provides a quick look inside the body and helps avoid unnecessary blood tests, x-rays or therapies.

Most ultrasound examinations are covered by your health insurance; some, such as the kidney screening at the U3, are additional services.

As a pediatric rheumatologist, I am a specialist for children’s musculoskeletal system and autoimmunological diseases such as lupus or periodic fever syndromes.

In cases of chronic pain, stiffness or swelling of joints or tendons, recurrent fever episodes or unexplained skin symptoms, you are welcome to make an appointment in our rheumatology consultation.

We work closely with the pediatric rheumatology centers in the region and are happy to take over parts of the outpatient care in consultation with your clinic.

Through my work at the Social Pediatric Center (SPZ), I have experience in the early detection of developmental delays, in the follow-up of former premature infants, in the care of children with genetic anomalies, as well as in the diagnosis and therapy of learning disabilities, including AD(H)D.

Our practice works closely with the SPZ in the region and we are happy to take over parts of the primary care in consultation with the supervising SPZ.

Walking in the Alps, snorkeling in Mexico, hiking in the Himalayas or going on Safari in Kenya – what could be better than sharing your love of travel with your children, experiencing adventures and discovering the world together?

If you have questions about vaccinations or country-specific health risks, or you need English-language certificates or information about care structures in other countries, feel free to make an appointment for a travel medicine consultation.

As an enthusiastic globetrotter and backpacker, who has travelled around the world with his children, I’m more than happy to advise you in accordance with the latest travel medicine recommendations.

Don’t worry: many travel vaccinations will be covered by your health insurance, at least in part. For anything beyond that, we will be happy to provide you with an individual offer.

For almost four years, I was the pediatric representative in the Charité’s child protection group and co-author of the guidelines for the care of children and adolescents after physical and sexual violence, so the topic of child protection is verys important to me.

If you are concerned that the emotional or physical well-being of your child is at risk, you should make an urgent appointment with us.

Should a referral for special diagnostics or therapy be necessary, our practice is well connected with the child protection services in the region, as well as the Pediatric Gynecology Department and the Childhood House of the Charité.

Abdominal pain, headache or back pain for more than 6 weeks? Usually, such complaints do not prompt a visit to your doctor or the hospital, but at some point you ask yourself: shouldn’t these symptoms be checked on properly?

I would like to take enough time for your child and therefore offer a special consultation for chronic complaints – outside the hectic daily routine of the practice.

This way, I can get a comprehensive picture of the complaints, work out a diagnostic and therapeutic concept together with you and your child, avoid unnecessary diagnostics and therapy, and refer you to special consultations if necessary.

It is best to make a regular appointment first and discuss this possibility directly with me.

We offer a first visit („U0“) for expecting parents in order to get to know each other before your child is born. Here, you can already inform yourself about topics regarding your child’s health such as nutrition, sleep hygiene, recommended supplementations with vitamin K, vitamin D or fluoride, vaccinations, newborn screening, hearing screening, recommended check-up examinations, accident protection and, of course, answer all the questions you may still have. This service is free of charge for members of many BKK health insurance companies (list of all participating BKKs), otherwise, the charge for the U0 is 52 Euro. If you are interested, simply make an appointment through our contact form.

In our practice we perform digital eye examinations for our young patients. With a contact-free measurement that takes only seconds, we can discover possible risks for vision disorders or amblyopia (lazy eye).

On average, nearly one in five children have an undiagnosed vision disorder by the age of 4. If left untreated, these disorders can lead to permanent eye damage. Vision disorders have no obvious or detectable symptoms. Affected children also don’t notice their own vision disorder, because they are accustomed to seeing the world with their own eyes and have no comparison.

Our brain processes the optical impressions of both eyes. But this only works if the two images are identical. If the eyes send differing images due to a vision disorder, they can no longer be combined into a single image. The brain then fades out one of the images and the corresponding eye becomes increasingly weaker and finally irrevocably non-functional. This is referred to as „amblyopia“ or „lazy eye“.

The earlier a visual disorder is detected and treated, the lower the risk of permanent damage. Therefore, it is important to detect vision disorders and initiate treatment as early as possible, especially if vision disorders are known in the family.

Normal vision tests, however, can only be performed when the child is already talking. That is why automatic screening techniques were developed, like the one we use in our practice. Many health insurance companies cover the cost of this important screening. Ask your insurance if your are not sure.


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